On Monday 26 February 2024, Munhowen and Bofferding announced that Bofferding is celebrating Spring with the launch of a brand new special edition beer.

Following consumer tests, the brand noticed a need for new products and an attraction to seasonal beers. By relaunching a Spring beer, Bofferding wanted to bring up to date this brewing tradition which was to make this beer from cereals harvested during the summer, malted at the beginning of autumn and brewed at the beginning of winter. Kept in the cellar during the cold season, it reached maturity to be enjoyed at the start of spring.

The Master Brewer designed "Bofferding de Printemps" from floral hops and caramalt-type malt. This malt gives it delicious and sweet notes while the hops bring freshness and sweetness. A refreshing and easy-to-drink beer, in short, Bofferding has bottled Spring.

The Bofferding special Spring edition is available now at all points of sale across the country.