Nature Park Our (Naturpark Our), together with the Syndicat d'Initiative of Stolzembourg and the bakery Au Croissant d'Or, has announced the return of the Christmas initiative "Stollen aus dem Stollen" (Stollen from the mine gallery).

The old copper mine in Stolzembourg attracts national and foreign visitors every year from Easter until the end of October. This year, 2,700 visitors were able to visit the copper mine and the underground galleries where copper was once mined.

During the Christmas period, the Stolzembourg tourist office transforms the old copper mine into a bakery, where "Stollen aus dem Stollen" is produced. This has been done in collaboration with Nature Park Our and the bakery Au Croissant d'Or since last year. According to an old family recipe, the traditional Christmas Stollen matures in the copper mine in Stolzembourg. It is stored here for three weeks at constant room temperature and high humidity. This process allows the aromas to develop throughout the fruit bread, resulting in a high quality regional product.

Last year, a total of 1,000 Christmas Stollen were sold.

“Stollen aus dem Stollen” must be ordered in advance. All orders must be placed via SMS (621-380358) or online at by 22 November 2021. There are two variants of 500 grams each: the traditional Stollen for €21 and a variant with marzipan for €24. So far, 250 fruit breads have already been reserved; a maximum of 1,000 “Stollen aus dem Stollen” can be produced, due to the limited storage capacity of the copper mine.