Luxembourg's Ministry of Consumer Protection has launched an information campaign on the Nutri-Score food labelling system.

As of 5 July 2021, the Ministry for Consumer Protection is launching an information campaign on Nutri-Score, the logo that can be found on the packaging of processed food products and which provides information on their nutritional quality. Developed in France in 2017, Nutri-Score allows consumers to compare food products of the same category and therefore to ease their choices for a healthy diet. Since June 2021, Luxembourg companies can affix Nutri-Score on their products, in accordance with the provisions set out in a Grand-Ducal regulation.

The logo can vary between the colours green, yellow and red and is immediately visible. Complementary to the list of ingredients and the table of nutritional values, it is aimed at helping consumers make healthier food choices.

Whilst Luxembourg companies have only recently been able to take advantage of Nutri-Score, the label has been present in Luxembourg for some time already (i.e. on imported food products). This new information campaign is thus aimed at enabling consumers to make informed choices and to clearly identify the strengths and limitations of Nutri-Score.

On the official website, consumers can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Nutri-Score, in English, ​​French, German, Luxembourgish and Portuguese.