The Q8 petrol station has withdrawn a Bicky brand fried onion snack from its Luxembourg stores due to the potential presence of foreign metal bodies.

The Luxembourg Food Safety Authorities have just been informed via the European Commission's Rapid Alert System for Food (RASFF) that the Bicky brand "Oignons frits", possibly containing metal, has been distributed at Q8 petrol stations in Luxembourg. 

This concerns the following product: Bicky "Oignons frits" (500g) with expiry date 03/06/2020 and the batch numbers L9156, L9158 and L9162. Only products with the specified expiry date and batch numbers are affected.

Whilst the product in question has since been withdrawn from sale at Q8 petrol stations, some of the products were sold to consumers. Indeed, a wider distribution cannot be excluded. As such, Luxembourg's Food Safety Authorities have recommend that consumers no longer consume this product.