Three female entrepreneurs have partnered up to share not only a commercial space, but also costs and working hours, to create Unicorner, a host for their respective baby wear, event management and interior design services. 

After each starting their own businesses online, the three entrepreneurs – Angelique Supka, Gabriella Schaffer and Nancy Wendt – dreamed of expanding into a brick and mortar shop. 

But high costs and long working hours were among the challenges. “After several years of dreaming about opening up a shop I realised doing it alone will be very difficult” said Nancy Wendt.

At the start of last year, the entrepreneurs started creating a concept of combining their products and services to everyone’s mutual benefit.

“Being a mom is already a big job and having a shop where I needed to be every day, for eight hours or more, would not be feasible to combine with a family life,” said Gabriella Schaffer.

While MintMouse focuses on healthy first shoes and baby accessories, The Party Ville offers party planning services, party supplies and gifts, and Cinnammon Home brings the Scandinavian design to the homes and children bedrooms. “Even though each brand has its own products, they all target a similar audience and the concept of their brands is very similar.”

The business women have also thought of a place at their shop to be used as a pop up corner, where small businesses can exhibit their products at an affordable fee and increase their visibility. Workshops and small scale events are also being organised at Unicorner. 

‘’Our aim is to help other small businesses that have the same obstacles as we had, to gain visibility and enjoy showing their products and services to the public in our shop” said Angélique Supka, also a founder of Mumpreneurs Luxembourg Asbl.

A lot of effort has been put into making the store a cozy and inviting place where customers are always welcomed with a smile. A place where you would want to spend time and perhaps enjoy a coffee while browsing around. 

On 13 May 2017, Unicorner Concept Store welcomes the local public to join the shop owners at its premises on 35 Rue de Beggen to celebrate the grand opening of the shop. The event will take place throughout with children’s activities during the day and live music from 18:00.