Terres Rouges Rugby Touch mixed team; Credit: Terres Rouges Rugby Touch Asbl

Touch Lëtzebuerg has reported that Luxembourg is gearing up to host its first international touch rugby tournament on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June 2024.

The Luxembourg Touch Rugby Festival, organised by Terres Rouges Rugby Touch and taking place in Dudelange, aims to promote touch rugby in Luxembourg and establish it as the country's most popular mixed team sport.

The tournament will bring together seven teams from England, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. The first day (starting at 09:00) will be dedicated to competitive matches, while the second day will offer touch rugby initiation for the public.

One of the highlights is expected to be the exhibition match featuring the mixed team from the South England Touch Association (SETA), one of England's top touch associations, against the Luxembourg men's national team. The match is scheduled during Saturday's lunch break.

As the organisers explained, touch rugby is a non-contact sport that is accessible to everyone, regardless of gender or skill level.

The Luxembourg Touch Rugby Festival will take place at Stade J.F. Kennedy in Dudelange. Entry is free for the public.

The event is endorsed by Rugby Club de Luxembourg (RCL) and Touch Lëtzebuerg.