Attendees at the ROMLUX event; Credit: Kangkan Halder

On Wednesday 1 December 2021, the Romania-Luxemburg Business Forum (ROMLUX asbl) organised a Romanian Entrepreneurs Network (REN) event coinciding with Romania's National Day.

ROMLUX was created in 2007 to encourage the development of economic, cultural, scientific and diplomatic relations between Romania and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The REN is one of the ROMLUX initiative, started in 2013 to support Romanian entrepreneurship in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region.

Over 35 participants attended the event. Speaking to, Razvan-Petru Radu, President of ROMLUX, commented: "Our goal here at ROMLUX is to foster entrepreneurship, bring Romanian and Luxembourgish clever minds together, organise cultural and economic events and help building bridges between our two countries. Today is the National Day of Romania, a symbol of Great Union and very important day for Romanians and here we try to mark this event tonight with a small entrepreneurship community and try to know each other, exchange latest news and projects and last but not least have fun. The Romanian community [in Luxembourg] is quite big now and with events like REN, we exchange information, share success stories or even failure stories. We are doing this since 2013 to bring people together".

Cosmin Cosma, an entrepreneur and CEO of Finqware visiting from Bucharest for the REN event, noted: "I am very happy to be here at REN. We are celebrating the National Day of Romania. ROMLUX is doing a great job at putting people together and creating links between Romanians in Luxembourg. I came from Bucharest to discuss collaborations and links between us. La multi ani Romania! Happy Birthday Romania!"

Taking cue from the heavy use of garlic and onion in many Romanian delicacies, an attendee jokingly argued that although it is said that there are vampires in Romania, it is difficult for them to survive.

Entrepreneurs from various fields such as education, health, information technology (IT), construction, moving services and investment, among others, continued their discussions on different opportunities and collaborations into the evening.