Fr Michael Cusack leads Mass at Eglise St Pie X on Sunday 2 April 2023; Credit: International English-Speaking Catholic Community

The search for new premises for the International English-Speaking Community of the Parish of Luxembourg Notre Dame has come to an end.

The International English-Speaking Catholic Community had been looking for a new permanent space to hold its Sunday morning Masses amid the closure (since January 2023) of St Alphonse Church in Luxembourg-Ville for extensive renovation.

Fr Michael Cusack, Priest of the International English-Speaking Catholic Community, confirmed to that they have now settled into three churches: the Saturday evening mass takes place at 19:30 in the Garden Chapel in the grounds of St Alphonse in Luxembourg-Ville (Rue des Capucins); the larger Sunday morning mass is now taking place at Eglise St Pie X in Luxembourg-Belair (Avenue Gaston Diderich); the Sunday evening mass takes place at 18:30 in Eglise St Michel in Luxembourg-Ville (Rue Sigefroi).

Speaking about the new premises for the Sunday morning mass, which represents the community's "biggest gathering", Fr Michael Cusack described the church in Belair as "a super venue". He noted that "this mass is also broadcast on social media to homes and families all over the globe."

He concluded: "It is great to see so many young people in attendance and especially the young professionals who tend to go to the Sunday evening mass."