Luxembourg's national railway company, the CFL, has announced that rail traffic is currently disrupted on line 10 between Ettelbruck and Mersch, in both directions.

This disruption is the result of technical issues involving the catenaries at Ettelbruck railway station.

The CFL has set up a substitute bus service, which is running from Ettelbruck to Mersch and vice versa. The buses will serve all of the stops between Ettelbruck and Mersch.

Maintenance teams are currently working on site to solve the problem, although it is not yet known how long this disruption will last.

The CFL noted that delays may also occur on trains between Ettelbruck and Troisvierges.

Update: At around 15:30 on Tuesday 8 February 2022, the CFL confirmed that rail traffic on line 10 is gradually resuming, although some delays and cancellations may still occur.