Credit: CFL

Luxembourg's railway company, the CFL, has presented details of major engineering works being carried out on the country's rail network between January and March 2022.

Line 10 (Luxembourg – Troisvierges – Gouvy)

The CFL will continue to carry out major maintenance, modernisation and extension works at the Mersch and Ettelbruck railway stations as part of its efforts to improve the rail connection to the north of the country. The aim is to transform these stations into real hubs.

After the commissioning of three lifts at the level of the north underpass and the partial commissioning of the new Platform II, which took place at Ettelbruck station in 2021, the modernisation works at this station will be completed this year. During the first quarter of 2022, work on Platform II will continue. This work involves in particular the widening of the platform to provide more space for passengers wishing to get on or off their train. New awnings will also be installed as added protection against the elements. At the same time, civil engineering work will be carried out to advance the construction of the future south underpass, the joint commissioning of which, along with the whole of Platform II, is scheduled for autumn 2022.

Among the works carried out in Mersch is the continuation of the construction of the new central underpass which, since August 2021, offers partial barrier-free access to the station platforms. In this station, work on the renewal of Platform II will be continued to allow the commissioning of the platform and the new awnings in April 2022. From then on, customers will benefit from a more spacious platform, which has been extended to accommodate longer trains in order to increase the seating capacity on board trains running between Luxembourg and the north of the country. The platform will be equipped with display screens, seats, rubbish bins and an ATM. On the P&R side, close to the station, construction work on the building offering more than 400 parking spaces from the end of 2022 will also continue.

To optimise the use of network capacities while continuing to guarantee the safety of rail traffic, part of the track on line 10 will be closed in 2022 to allow for the installation of the future integrated director station in Ettelbruck. This new technology, which has been tailor-made for the Luxembourg rail network, will allow, among other things, simplified signalling along the tracks as well as simplified management of elements related to the ETCS (European Train Control System) safety system.

During the periods of closure, the CFL will carry out work on the electric traction installations between Luxembourg and Belgium to continue to stabilise the electricity supply of the trains circulating on the northern part of the network. To ensure the proper functioning of the water drainage installations along line 10, the CFL is also renovating the aqueducts along the route of the northern line. Moreover, maintenance work is being carried out on secure access tracks for CFL employees along the tracks, as well as in several tunnels between Ettelbruck and Gouvy (Belgium). At the level of the bridges in Colmar-Berg, Hautbellain and Maulusmillen, joint works with the administration of the National Roads Administration are scheduled to take place.

Sections concerned: Mersch – Ettelbruck; Ettelbruck – Diekirch; Ettelbruck – Gouvy

Lines 50 (Luxembourg – Kleinbettingen – Arlon), 60 (Luxembourg – Esch-sur-Alzette ‒ Pétange), 70 (Luxembourg – Rodange – Athus – Longwy) and 90 (Luxembourg – Bettembourg – Thionville)

After sustained work in the north of Luxembourg railway station as part of its extension project in 2021, work will commence on the southern part during summer 2022. To enable this project to progress rapidly, preparatory work, which will have an impact on all the lines to / from the southern part of Luxembourg railway station, will be necessary. As a result of the new track plan at Luxembourg railway station, each line will have its own platform within this station, a sine qua non condition for more fluid and punctual rail traffic.

Sections concerned: Luxembourg – Kleinbettingen – Arlon (Belgium); Luxembourg – Bettembourg; Luxembourg – Hollerich; Bettembourg – Thionville (France)

Line 60 (Luxembourg – Esch-sur-Alzette ‒ Pétange)

The transformation of Rodange railway station into a real exchange hub in the south-west of the country will also be part of the efforts carried out during the first quarter of 2022. The reconfigured station will have an additional platform track. Alongside the finalisation works at Platforms I and II, four switches, as well as new tracks 101, 102 and 103, will be installed during the first three months of 2022. At the end of this work, it will be possible to physically separate the operation of trains on lines 60 and 70, a prerequisite for limiting crossings and thus increasing punctuality at this station, according to the CFL. On the P+R side, close to the station, construction work on the building offering around 1,600 parking spaces from the end of 2022 will also continue.

Moreover, the CFL and the National Roads Administration will carry out large-scale renewal works between Noertzange and Rumelange (between PK 0.300 and PK 2.095). Between Bettembourg and Esch-sur-Alzette, traffic disruption is planned to allow
for rehabilitation work on the “Bow String” bridge going beyond the A13.

Sections concerned: Pétange – Rodange; Luxembourg – Bettembourg; Bettembourg – Esch-sur-Alzette; Noertzange – Rumelange

Line 70 (Luxembourg – Rodange – Athus – Longwy)

Alongside the aforementioned works and taking place as part of the overhaul of Rodange railway station and the southern part of Luxembourg railway station, restoration work on two platforms at Bascharage-Sanem railway station is planned. Works will also be carried out at the level of the tracks and catenaries on the Pétange – Athus / Longwy section.

Sections concerned: Pétange – Athus / Longwy; Luxembourg – Athus / Longwy.