(L-R) St George’s Principal, Dr Christian Barkei and students Luke (Year 12), Leo (Year 7), Marie Emily (Year 4) and Anika (Year 5) welcomed Luxembourg’s Chamber of Deputies President Claude Wiseler on Friday 3 May 2024, and showed him around the school.; Credit: St George’s International School

On Wednesday 8 May 2024, St George’s International School announced it welcomed Claude Wiseler, President of Luxembourg’s Chamber of Deputies (Luxembourg's parliament), on Friday 3 May 2024.

Claude Wiseler visited the school to meet with St George’s senior management and Board of Governors and learn about the school’s operations.

A highlight of his visit was a tour of the school by members of the Secondary Student Parliament and the Primary School Council. 

St George’s Principal, Dr Christian Barkei, said: “Mr Wiseler enjoyed the multicultural and multinational nature of our school and that our students are from all over the world, yet they are rooted in Luxembourg. He met our students and teachers, and saw our facilities, including our libraries, outdoor learning environment and the new gymnasium project. We were delighted to welcome him to our school.”