On Thursday 19 January 2023, TechSense by The Dots announced the second edition of TN’Teens, an event promoting the new technologies sector to young people and bringing together industrial actors and digital talents of tomorrow: this initiative aims to attract 150 secondary school students and will take place on Thursday 30 March 2023 at Les Terres Rouges in Esch-sur-Alzette.

According to TechSense, "Technologies are today ubiquitous in people’s lives and have always been in young people's ones. The Internet took a specific and integral part in their daily habits, through social media, educational platforms, games and many more. In the European Union (EU), 95% of young people use the Internet every day. As the Z generation, they stand out for their technology use and have developed good knowledges in this field. Concerning their digital skills, such as coding and programming a language or installing a software, 72% of young females and 70% of young males in Europe have basic or above basic in these kinds of areas. This is a growing domain, challenging and promising for our and their future. The STEM field is looking for more and more highly qualified talents and offers more and more professional opportunities. This, indeed, leads to an increasing demand for education. This is a bargain for Luxembourg, which is the European country employing the most of diplomaed young people in science and technology (54.1%). The new generation is wise to discover what technology could offer and what it concretely consists of in a professional way. Giving them the opportunity, from the earlier days, to try and explore it to better understand its stakes and to discover their interest is a necessity, just as giving them the access to learning is a must. It’s our responsibility to show them tomorrow’s new opportunities."

Last year, TN’Teens was created - an event pursuing the dual objective of promoting the new technologies sector to young people and bringing together industrial actors and digital talents of tomorrow. One year later, the organisers are planning the second edition for 150 secondary school pupils in Luxembourg and the Grand Est region (of France). Challenges, learning and fun.

This year, students will again broach the enthralling tech concepts of blockchain, coding, design thinking and cybersecurity. However, this time, a brand-new trending theme will also be tackled: Metaverse. The day's programme starts with a morning of workshops dedicated to these 5 fields, where the secondary school pupils can awaken their interest in the technologies. The afternoon is dedicated to a big quiz, where they are invited to test their knowledges acquired during the first half of day and answer at the same time some questions of general culture. For this game, the contestants will be mentored by a figure from the Luxembourg technology community and will win high-value gifts, offered by sponsors and partners.

Among the first sponsors are the Ville d’Esch, Digital Learning Hub (DLH), Devoteam and Virtual Rangers. 

For those interested in participating, see  the event page at https://techsense.lu/techsenseevents/tnteens, or email: info@techsense.lu.