Daniela Clara Moraru; Credit: David Ghisa

Daniela Clara Moraru has resigned as President of CSV International, a sub-organisation of the Christian Social People's Party (CSV) in Luxembourg.

Daniela Clara Moraru had served as President of CSV International since 2018 before handing in her resignation in mid-August 2023. With reports of her departure circulating only in recent days, Chronicle.lu reached out to Ms Moraru for clarification.

The former CSV International President explained that "all the signs" had been there when she joined the party back in 2016 that there was an "openness" and a "willingness" to integrate non- and "new" Luxembourgers. Even today, she remains convinced that CSV has done "more than other parties" in this area, "but not enough". Particularly with this year marking the fifteenth anniversary of CSV International, she (and others) had been hopeful that the efforts undertaken by the sub-organisation as a whole (which has 1,000+ members) over the years would have been recognised.

Instead, there was disappointment, she reported, that no one from CSV International had been included on the party's electoral list for the upcoming legislative (national) elections - despite a few dual nationals from the sub-organisation having been put forward. This came after similarly disappointing municipal (local) elections, during which Daniela Clara Moraru, who ran as a CSV candidate in Luxembourg City, had felt that the party could have given its international candidates more visibility (although this varied depending on the municipality). She acknowledged the party's response that candidates are selected based on past election results and their chances of securing votes but emphasised that this should also be "an investment in the future of the party".

Regarding the timing of her resignation, Daniela Clara Moraru confirmed she had approached the President of CSV as early as July and stepped down "discreetly" in August. "I did not leave now to create any source of conflict between Luxembourgers and non- / new Luxembourgers," she clarified.

Daniela Clara Moraru noted that she had since been offered other political opportunities in Luxembourg but she had "invested a lot" in CSV over the past seven years and did not intend to simply switch parties.

CSV did not immediately respond to Chronicle.lu's request for comment, although President Claude Wiseler has been quoted in other local media as saying that CSV "do[es] not exclude foreigners".

Note that whilst non-Luxembourgers were elgible to vote in the local elections for the first time in June this year, only Luxembourgers (including dual nationals) can vote in the national elections, which are taking place this year on Sunday 8 October.