Credit: Pixabay

The Ministry of State announced on Tuesday that an initiative committee has filed a request for the organisation of a referendum on the revision of the Constitution of Luxembourg.

The initiative committee presented its request to Prime Minister Xavier Bettel in the context of the revision of Chapter VI of the constitution. After having acknowledged the request, the Prime Minister has three days to decide whether it meets the legal requirements set for referenda in Luxembourg. If this is the case, an official decree must be published within eight days and the municipalities will be informed. 

The municipalities are then responsible for informing voters of the request to organise a referendum and indicating the times and places where they can support the request by registering on the relevant lists. The collection of signatures begins at the latest fifteen days after the date of the publication of the official decree. To support the request to hold a referendum, voters are required to go in person (with a valid ID) to their municipality of residence and register on the lists. At the end of the signature collection period, each municipality will transmit their results to the Prime Minister, who will then verify them and determine the total number of signatures. 

A minimum of 25,000 signatures, collected within two months of the first vote on the constitutional revision in the Chamber of Deputies, are required for the organisation of a referendum.

Should this target be met, the referendum must be organised within six months. In the event of legislative or European elections, this period is extended by six months. The day of the referendum must fall on a Sunday or a statutory holiday.