L-R: Dr. Romain Schockmel, President of FLH; Fahrudin Kudozovic, International Sports Marketing for PM-International & FitLine; Sandra Kaysen, Board Member of FLH; Christian Schmitt, Secretary General of FLH; Credit: PM-International AG

Schengen-based PM-International AG with its nutritional supplement brand FitLine has become the new official supplier of the Luxembourgish Handball Federation (FLH).

The partnership was announced at the Coque in Luxembourg-Kirchberg during the European Men’s Handball Championship qualifications. From now on, PM-International AG will supply the Luxembourg national senior handball team with FitLine nutritional supplements. 

Dr. Romain Schockmel, President of the FLH, commented: “The FLH is proud to present FitLine as their new partner. The FitLine products are very well-known in the sports world. We value their commitment to clean sports and are convinced that the FitLine products will keep our players supplied with everything they need for the stamina, power, and regeneration which handball requires. We look forward to the future cooperation". 

All FitLine nutritional supplements are on the Cologne List®, an initiative from the field of sports, listing nutritional supplements that present a minimised risk of contamination from banned substances. Besides the FLH, several other large sports associations have put their trust in the FitLine products, such as the German Ski Association (DSV), the Austrian Sports Aid (ÖSH), and the Luxembourg Basketball Federation (FLBB).

Torsten Weber, Head of Sports Marketing at PM-International, stated: “The FLH is a well-established institution, and we are excited to team up with them. We are confident that our partnership with the national handball team will help us to further position the FitLine brand. Together, we are looking to bring more attention to the handball scene in Luxembourg, but also to the sports community in the Greater Region in general”.

The FLH consists of fifteen clubs with 2,900 members. Founded in 1945, it helps regulate, promote and develop handball at the leisure and competition levels in Luxembourg. For its part, PM-International AG is one of Europe’s largest direct selling companies in the areas of health, wellness, and beauty, based in Schengen in south-eastern Luxembourg.