Luxembourg's Ministry of Mobility and Public Works and the Road Safety Association (Sécurité routière ASBL) have launched a new awareness campaign aimed at curbing excessive speed while driving, which remains one of the major causes of road accidents.

This new campaign is entitled “Eng Kéier ze séier, de leschte Bléck” (once too fast, last glance). In 2022, 25% of accidents resulting in serious injuries and 31% of fatal collisions were attributable to excessive or inappropriate speed. The campaign was thus launched to raise awareness among road users of the dangers linked to excessive speed and to remind people of the importance of respecting the current speed regulations. The campaign does not focus on excessive speeding nor on drivers who constantly transgress, but on everyone who, for one reason or another, commits speeding violations.

A single instance of speeding can have fatal consequences. One time is all it takes for the last moment before a collision to also be the final glance, as the campaign points out.

As a reminder, within the "road safety" action plan and in line with the Vision Zero strategy, which seeks to eliminate both fatalities and severe injuries, initiatives such as the gradual introduction of speed cameras and targeted police enforcement operations are being carried out aiming to address road safety concerns in a long-lasting way.

The campaign will be broadcast on the radio, through banners on the sites of various media, on social networks, on 91 digital and interactive screens in 89 office buildings on the “Digital Channel Network”, on 30 screens in different car parks, on digital screens in trams and buses as well as on the full back of fifteen buses in the RGTR network and fifteen buses in the TICE network. It will be available in the three official languages.

In this context, the Road Safety Association expressed its gratitude to the ministry for the work accomplished.

Paul Hammelmann, President of the Road Safety Association, said: “These thanks obviously go to Minister François Bausch whose convictions in terms of improving safety on the roads are identical to ours so that we had to reformulate our eternal 'catalogue of demands' to 'to do list'. But these thanks also go to his collaborators, former and of course current, people with whom we work in close collaboration […] Over the years, road safety efforts have become less and less a matter of political policy, but of personal conviction; thus, we also welcome the very first declarations of the new MEP Mrs Martine Kemp declaring that it is important to her that the European Union adopts common European standards in terms of road safety and that she will commit to the Vision Zero on European Union roads by 2050.

The “Eng Kéier ze séier, de leschte Bléck” campaign will be displayed on 46 road signs as well as on Luxembourg’s traffic management centre’s (CITA) various message signs.