(L-R) Yuriko Backes, Luxembourg's Minister for Mobility and Public Works; Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg; Credit: MMTP

On Wednesday 24 April 2024, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and the Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Yuriko Backes, visited the Tractel Secalt company, as part of the celebration of the creation and production of a unique prototype: the Bulkhead Lifting and Removal Tool.

As reported by the Grand Ducal Court, Luxembourg's Ministry of Mobility and Public Works and Tractel Secalt SA in a joint press release, this lifting and partition removal tool will be used in the construction of an 18 km long submerged rail and road tunnel located at a depth of 40 metres, connecting Germany and Denmark.

During this visit, Minister Backes stated: "In the quest for more sustainable and quality mobility in Europe, innovative infrastructure is crucial. I am delighted to see that innovative companies like Tractel Secalt, committed to the development of tomorrow's infrastructure, are contributing from Luxembourg to achieving our objectives in terms of cross-border mobility on our continent."

Tractel Secalt, a Luxembourgish company located in Foetz, is active in three key areas: temporary access solutions, permanent access solutions and specific solutions for industry and infrastructure. Founded in Luxembourg in 1948, Tractel has expanded its operations and become a global leader in the field of safety and lifting equipment. The company counts 54 employees in Luxembourg. Its flagship product, the Tirfor, is described as a versatile device that allows one to safely pull, lift and lower loads. In addition, Tractel Secalt continues to innovate and develop an extensive range of safety and lifting equipment, helping to ensure the safety of workers and infrastructure in various sectors of activity, while maintaining its Luxembourgish roots, the press release concluded.