François Bausch, Luxembourg's Minister of Mobility and Public Works; Credit: MMTP

Luxembourg's Ministry of Mobility and Public Works and the SYVICOL association of Luxembourg cities and municipalities have presented the programme for this year's European Mobility Week, which is taking place from 16 to 22 September under the theme "Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility".

Last Thursday, Luxembourg's Minister of Mobility and Public Works, François Bausch, and the Vice-President of SYVICOL, Louis Oberhag, unveiled the programme for the 2021 edition of the European Mobility Week, which is the European Commission’s flagship awareness-raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility. The main event takes place from 16 to 22 September each year, culminating in the popular Car-Free Day. 

This year's chosen theme pays tribute to the hardships felt by Europe (and the world) during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also reflects on the opportunities for change resulting from this unprecedented health crisis in Europe.

Mobility Minister François Bausch commented: "The trends which emerged last year, such as the development of active mobility and the use of low or zero emission mobility, must be encouraged further".

21 municipalities in Luxembourg have registered to date, six of which meet the criteria to participate in the award ceremony at European level. The criteria include offering a week of activities and information for residents, the inauguration of one or more permanent measures and the closure of one or more main roads in the municipality, preferably on 22 September 2021. The eligible municipalities are Bissen, Colmar-Berg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Feulen, Mamer and Mertzig.

Nine municipalities are organising a car-free day in 2021. In addition, this year's programme includes mobility days, cycling tours, presentations of electric cars and bicycles, the distribution of croissants and coffee to public transport users and presentations of mobility concepts.

Louis Oberhag, Vice-President of SYVICOL, launched an appeal to Luxembourg's municipalities: “We are delighted with the dynamic that is evident in the municipalities and we encourage all municipalities to take advantage of the last few days to register their municipality on and to do so by 22 September at the latest. It is the responsibility of the municipalities to think about their contribution to sustainable and intelligent mobility”.

The full Luxembourg programme is available on the dedicated European Mobility Week website: