Credit: ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive, a leading company in the Luxembourg car leasing market, yesterday unveiled its new brand identity.

In the context of the rapid and profound changes facing the mobility sector today, ALD Automotive decided to position itself more than ever at the forefront of these changes by seizing new opportunities and providing the mobility solutions of tomorrow in order to support its customers worldwide.

The company's new brand identity aims to embody the vision and ambitions of ALD Automotive: being a world leader in mobility solutions. It has been chosen to reflect the breadth of its expertise, its advanced mobility solutions and its spirit of innovation and to clearly communicate what ALD Automotive can offer its customers.

This message is illustrated by the new blue colour scheme that reflects the historical identity of the company as well as aiming to reinforce its digital ambition as a dominant colour in high-tech. Similarly, the mobility line establishes a visual link in the territory, marking the movement while theoretically embodying the company's ability to connect, adapt and push the limits of mobility. Immersive silhouettes and visuals have also been chosen to highlight the different facets of customers' daily lives and illustrate how ALD Automotive strives to offer freedom and value to its customers. Finally, a digital typography attempts to give these messages a bold and modern hint.

These brand elements are supported by a new advertising slogan, "Ready to move you", which reflects ALD Automotive's mission of supporting its customers by offering them more choice, freedom and value, wherever they are.

This new identity will be deployed in the 43 countries where ALD Automotive operates. It will apply to all client segments (companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs and individuals) and to all channels and contact points, in particular in the growing digital ecosystem. Deployment will be completed by the end of 2020.

Mike Masterson, CEO of ALD, commented: "ALD Automotive has grown rapidly and has expanded its service portfolio, international coverage and customer base, both nationally and internationally, in line with industry trends. As a major player in the mobility industry, we are looking to the future. This new brand identity reinforces our desire to support our customers towards more choice, freedom and value. It will help us increase our brand awareness in the sector and among our customers, as well as attract the best talent in the world".