Credit: Pexels

During World Immunisation Week, celebrated from 24 to 30 April, Luxembourg’s Ministry of Health and Social Security took the opportunity to remind the public of the importance of vaccination.

The discovery of vaccines has enabled humanity to see the danger reduced or even the complete eradication of certain diseases that were once deadly.

In recent years, vaccinations have played an important role in managing the pandemic, the ministry noted. Scientific advances in this area in the future have the potential to contribute to the effective fight against many other diseases.

Luxembourg’s Minister of Health and Social Security, Martine Deprez, added: “It may be entirely understandable that some may be sceptical about the development of new vaccines, but history has demonstrated that science proves their long-term validity and that vaccinations not only provide individual protection but guarantee collective protection. Vaccination is today considered the most effective way to reduce the spread of most infectious diseases and thus constitutes one of the pillars of public health.”

In Luxembourg vaccination rates are among the highest in the European Union, the ministry added. In particular, during recent measles episodes, no outbreaks have been observed thanks to a high national vaccination rate, unlike other countries.

The ministry reminded the public to check their vaccination schedule regularly, as the effectiveness of different vaccines may decrease over time. Specific recommendations by age group are available on the website Consulting one’s doctor was recommended in case of doubt.

Since January 2022, the eSanté agency has also offered an electronic vaccination record, which allows all data to be secured in one place. To activate this feature, one should discuss the topic with one’s general practitioner. For those who do not wish to use this electronic version, the traditional paper vaccination card remains valid, but it remains “essential” to have it checked regularly by an attending physician and to update one’s vaccination status, the ministry emphasised.

Minister Deprez highlighted: “Thanks to our collective collaboration, the health of our country and our fellow citizens can be preserved.” In addition, the minister recalled that the vaccination programme recommended by the High Council for Infectious Diseases is free in Luxembourg. The ministry added it encourages citizens of Luxembourg to take advantage of World Immunisation Week to learn about vaccinations and update their vaccination status.