Credit: Fondation Cancer / Claude Piscitelli

Fondation Cancer and Europa Donna Luxembourg have announced that they are launching a new service for parents with cancer, in collaboration with local non-profit organisation Arcus.

This new service will provide support to parents undergoing cancer treatment. The objective is to promote a better quality of life for patients, to lighten the daily management of a family home, to relieve the parents of part of their duties, to provide their children with the support they need and to support partners in their day-to-day life.

Any patient undergoing cancer treatment, who is the parent of a child aged up to thirteen and who resides in Luxembourg can benefit from this service free of charge over a maximum of three consecutive months and for a maximum duration of eight hours per day.

"The assistance offered consists of providing support to parents by alleviating the daily management of the family home and to relieve the parents in their parental duties during the difficult period of treatment of one of the partners. The mission of the family support is carried out in close collaboration with the family and those around them", explained Mariette Fischbach, President of Europa Donna.

As part of this free service, mandated professionals will assist families by accompanying their children in daily life as well as school and extra-curricular travel. They will also provide support in the supervision of homework and will be able to assist the family in the maintenance of their home and the preparation of meals.

"When a parent of young children is diagnosed with cancer, he/she must, despite his/her treatment, continue to take on the tasks of family life. Tired, he/she is often unable to do so and needs to resort to outside help to accompany his/her children. With the joint funding of this pilot project, we want to offer a concrete solution to patients", emphasised Lucienne Thommes, Director of Fondation Cancer.

To benefit from this service, eligible persons should contact Fondation Cancer via email: or tel.: 453-0331.