Claude Haagen, Luxembourg's Minister of Social Security; Credit: SIP / Yves Kortum

On Friday 23 September 2022, Luxembourg's Minister of Social Security, Claude Haagen, in application of the legal provisions in force, appointed a mediator for negotiations for the coverage of psychotherapy acts by health insurance.

Mental health is a priority for Minister Haagen as well as for Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Delegate for Social Security, Paulette Lenert. In this context, it is imperative for the ministery that all insured persons can have recourse to professional support, regardless of their financial means.

While negotiations between the National Health Fund (Caisse nationale de santé - CNS) and the Federation of associations representing psychotherapists in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (FAPSYLUX) began several years ago, first for the establishment of an agreement and more recently for tariffs in this area, these negotiations unfortunately have not been successful.

Following the observation of the failure of the negotiations by the CNS board of directors on 14 September 2022, the procedure for appointing a mediator was initiated by the General Inspectorate of Social Security (Inspection générale de la sécurité sociale - IGSS). However, the IGSS was unable to appoint a mediator at the meeting of 23 September 2022.

Following the information sent by the IGSS to the Minister of Social Security, Minister Haagen appointed a mediator, and thus initiating the mediation procedure.