Credit: MSAN

The Luxembourg Ministry of Health has announced the launch of its smartphone application "".

Developed with the aim of simplifying citizens' access to public health information, the app contains the most relevant and most consulted information of the main sections of the portal These include health warnings, day care services (emergency services of day care hospitals, pharmacy duty, medical centres) as well as emergency numbers (Poison Control Centre, SOS Distress, etc.).

The application is also endowed with some functionalities allowing the user to verify their vaccination coverage, to download in a few clicks the passport of life (organ donation), to visualise the three gestures that save a life or to discover the mobile application "DispoDoc" , which allows to locate in real time the general practitioners who are available in the immediate entourage of the patient, including outside the usual opening hours.

The mobile application is available free of charge in the Apple and Google Play stores and runs on smartphone and tablet.