Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure François Bausch; Credit: MDDI

As of yesterday, work has begun on the construction of two new accommodation structures for the homeless in Findel, Luxembourg.

The first building was designed for overnight accommodation for homeless people during the winter months (as part of Wanteraktioun, annually from 1 December - 31 March) and will accommodate approximately 200 people on 2 floors. So that the building does not remain unoccupied during the spring and summer months, the Ministry of the Family, Integration and the Greater Region will make it available to other ministries interested in temporary use of the premises.

Since December 2012/2013, the Wanteraktioun has been housed in the former IEE building, owned by Lux-Airport. As the number of overnight stays has increased by 12% in recent years, current infrastructure has reached its limits. It has therefore required new premises, more spacious, more durable and better adapted to the winter night accommodation of homeless people.

The new structure allows for a more adapted and dignified care of the people accommodated. Thus, the dormitories will provide more space and the facilities will guarantee privacy and security as well as becoming more user-friendly. In addition, the new building offers more flexibility in day-to-day management and organisation for both staff and the care of the people they serve. 

The second building will serve as accommodation for people in distress. It comprises a total of 18 rooms on 2 floors for a total of 36 people. Also provided are rooms for supervising staff and common areas such as kitchen, dining room and places to stay.

The new structures use beech wood as timber, a choice described by Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure François Bausch - who attended the launch alongside Minister of Family and Integration Corrine Cahen - as having "the objective of acquiring the necessary experiences to promote the use of regional timber in future constructions."

The total cost of the project is €12 million.