The Rotondes, together with COOPERATIONS Asbl (organiser of the annual Wiltz Festival), are jointly hosting and presenting the Poetry Slam De Lux '11 this year. 

Poetry Slam de Lux' 11 Dates:

Fri 11 June @ 19:00, Jardin de Wiltz in Wiltz (Tickets via; €6 (U26) or €12)

Sat 12 June @ 20:00, Rotondes in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie (Tickets via email: or tel: 2662 2030 (Tue-Fri, 13:30-18:30); €5 (U26) or €12 (presale); €6 (U26) or €14 at the event)

For this new collaboration with the Rotondes, Coopérations Wiltz and Géisskan Kollektiv, the Pierre Werner Institute invited three
German-speaking poets and a French-speaking poet: the German Bas Böttcher, the Austrian author and rapper Yasmo (Yasmin Hafedh is his real name), the Frenchwoman Diariata N'Diaye and the Belgian Marc Lazarus. On the Luxembourg side, the Géisskan Kollektiv will send its selection of local poetry slammers to the event. 

At the end of the evening, it will be up to the public to decide between the poetry "slammers". 

The Poetry Slam de Lux' 11 is organised by the Pierre Werner Institute in collaboration with the Rotondes, Prabbeli Wiltz and Géisskan Kollektiv, with the support of the Embassy of Austria, the Eastern Cantons and the Embassy of Belgium in Luxembourg.