Credit: INL

On 26 November 2018, the Institut national des langues (INL) awarded 29 certificates to participants having successfully completed the "initiation au luxembourgeois" course.

Since the introduction of the new nationality law last year, the INL has already offered 20 such courses, which are specifically tailored for people who have been in Luxembourg for at least 20 years and want to take to obtain the Luxembourgish nationality in this way. During the sessions lasting 2 hours, participants gain insight into the language and develop their daily communication skills in Luxembourgish.

Last Monday, a group of 29 students from 15 different countries arrived at a small celebration session with their teacher Ines Quaring to receive their certificates from Karin Pundel, director of the INL. These students participated in the course from 1 October to 26 November 2018. Up to now, 400 people have successfully completed these classes.

The next courses begin in December and spaces are still available. For more information visit the "Nationality" section of the INL website (