Credit: iNUI

iNUI Studio, a Luxembourg-based software company, has announced that 29 of its AIRxTOUCH® KIOSK, built on real-time gesture recognition technology allowing touchless interaction, were recently deployed at the headquarters of Arendt, a law firm in Luxembourg City.

Based on proprietary image processing algorithms, the patented AIR TOUCH® technology delivers mid-air interaction (4 cm from the screen) which includes click, double-click, drag and drop, slide and zoom functionalities with a precision of three millimetre.

The AIRxTOUCH® KIOSK solution integrates the Samsung QMB Series 55” Display, which delivers UHD upscaling and rich colours.

The interactive content delivered on the kiosks is directly managed by the Marketing & Communications Team of Arendt using SKA, the Azure cloud-based software platform also developed by iNUI Studio.

After an adjustment phase, we have noticed a strong enthusiasm from our staff to use this new communication tool. The usage statistics are very encouraging and this new format allows us to communicate more creatively on a wide variety of subjects”, said Marie-Adélaïde Leclercq-Olhagaray, Director of Marketing & Communications, Arendt.

Aesthetic has always been at the epicenter of the concept when we designed our product. Installing our systems in such beautiful buildings as Arendt's is really great. The systems have been produced with an exclusive ‘Frosted white’ accent color and they have been fixed to the wall, resulting in a very neat setup. Providing prestigious clients in the corporate industry for their Coffee Corners and Reception areas is a part of our business development strategy, in Europe and North America”, said Olivier Raulot, Founder and CEO, iNUI Studio.

The way employees can communicate and connect with each other is crucial in a well-oiled workplace. The interactive AIRxTOUCH® KIOSK in combination with iNUI’s software platform allows organizations to help their employees feel heard, improve efficiency and provide an entertaining experience. Samsung’s professional displays have been an essential part in creating this stable and safe environment that performs on the highest level", said Kristof Willems, Head of Product Management, Samsung Benelux.

The AIR TOUCH® technology aims to replace the traditional touch screens that are very present in public spaces, as contactless technology has become almost indispensable today. A solution that CK intends to offer to its customers in many different fields. Chosen as a trusted partner by iNUI Studio, CK now ensures the official distribution, installation and support (first and second level) of AIRxTOUCH® KIOSK in the Grand Duchy”, said David Gray, General Manager, CK Group.