A new concept has been launched in Luxembourg, a cooperative structure based on social enterprise and with a unique goal of "Actively helping people with their socio-economic affairs and lives both coming out of COVID-19 and beyond".
Having retired from the world of banking and IT consultancy, Clive MUNN conceived MUNNFTSE International Investment Holdings (Luxembourg) Sarl - currently under formation - which goes a number of steps further than a previous concept, MFTSE Affairs S.A., back in 2016 which also had the aim of promoting socio economics, including via the Finance Eco Money (FEM) website now resurrected at https://munnftse.eu/. Possibly before its time, Luxembourg was not quite ready then for such an socio-economic approach to business. Now, however, sees the launch of MUNNFTSE - My Ultimate Nature Nurturing Finance To Socio Economic life and affairs.
Clive MUNN talked with Chronicle.lu and explained "We know it has been hard to imagine, until today, with so many new cases and strains still surging around the world, but we also know there will be a time, soon, when aided by vaccination, the COVID-19 pandemic will be behind us. Just close your eyes for 5 minutes, join the world of learning, imagine what could be and never stop inspiring. It is safe to assume that society will now be changed forever, given how disruptive the virus has been to virtually every part of our lives around the world. Of course, we still have a long way to go before life truly gets back to 'normal', whatever that is".
He continued "However, all MUNNFTSE planning and management is based around an ethos that is first and for mostly emphasising the importance of sound investment for all which, we believe, must always be Diversified; Ecological; Sustainable; Tax optimal; Income generating; New and, most importantly, Sharing & caring — our 'DESTINS' (Destinies) in fact. Of course, this must be regularly reviewed, lived and massaged, at the same time as being controlled by our internal and, where appropriate, outsourced, audit, communications, insurance, policy and procedures, compliance, KYC and legal teams."
Surrounded by a larger group of like-minded professionals than before, Clive is optimistic that vaccines will bring an end to the pandemic at some point in the near future. "We see now in the UK that, as at 11 January 2021, 2.6 million of the most vulnerable people in the UK have already been vaccinated and that a large majority in the UK will be covered by the autumn of this year - a bit faster than Brexit" he quipped, and added "what the 'world of change' looks like after this terrible wake-up call, we believe entails a more determined focus on getting closer to nature, aided by embracing fully the new digital revolution. Many of the digitisation trends we have seen, especially in the areas of online learning, telemedicine, health and well-being and, in particular, remote co-working, will become a more and more essential and inevitable part of our lives".
Already MUNNFTSE has a number of projects underway, mainly based on co-working, living, gardening, leisure and car-sharing concepts as well as property management. In fact, the MUNNFTSE and FEM group of companies already have some 12 projects underway managed by ecological and social transition-based consultants. The first is indeed a cooperative integrated community project in Leudelange. Plans include potential projects in Luxembourg-gare, in Esch-sur-Alzette and two projects in Samoëns in France. They are also intending to seek help from the Ville de Luxembourg and/or the state government and are also considering to create a new House of Co-operatives. The operational part of the business/group is housed in MUNNFTSE Life (Luxembourg) Scop, a cooperative company which takes a form that is well known and established across Europe.
Creating partnerships is a core philosophy of the new initiative, with its consultants assisting and promoting, especially start-up, organisations and those who fully endorse the overall philosophy, and which will also form the basis of a new directory for like-minded people and businesses.
www.MUNNFTSE.eu is now live and ready for exchanging ideas, blogging and participating in its community at various levels. Another possibility to participate in the cooperative is by buying shares at only €10 each. "This would, of course, not only enable you to share your ideas with the community but also to benefit from future group dividends and all the other benefits associated with humanitarian co-operatives" Clive concluded. 
The MUNNFTSE and FEM group of companies supports the Association Luxembourg-Nepal Asbl (ALN) charity which helps to reduce poverty in Nepal