The Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce (LPCC) is holding its 7th annual Entrepreneurial Woman Project this autumn: applications are now open - see below.

Between 26 September and 11 November 2020, a total of six (full-day) Saturday sessions are being organised in which participants are presented with details of different aspects of setting up and running a business in Luxembourg, with the awards being held on Wednesday 11 November 2020 at which the winners of the Best Business Idea Presentation are announced. The sessions will be held in full compliance with government rules and regulations concerning social distancing and hygiene. Only in a worst-case scenario will these sessions be held virtually.

The series of workshops is addressed to English speaking women of all nationalities and of all ethnic backgrounds. The training is focused on helping the participants understand the processes, challenges, risks as well as rewards of starting and successfully running their own venture in Luxembourg.

The Entrepreneurial Woman Project propels women entrepreneurs into economic and social spheres. It is designed to guide them through all the administrative and legal tasks involved with setting up a company in Luxembourg. The series of workshops is a unique opportunity, not only to learn from the experts, but also to connect and inspire one another. It enables participants to:

- Review your business plan and improve your professional skills with highly regarded trainers from local advisory and law companies
- Broaden your business appeal and customer base
- Meet and hear from other small business owners in Luxembourg and Entrepreneurial Woman Project alumnae
- Expand your professional network

The topics include:
- Generate and assess business ideas
- Develop creative problem-solving skills required in entrepreneurial businesses
- Create a business model canvas and business plan
- Analyse market opportunities
- Develop a business model and competitive strategy
- Obtain a business license in Luxembourg
- Raise money from venture investors
- Make a professional investor presentation
- Recognise the business entities in Luxembourg
- Fulfil tax obligations
- Establish your successful business network in Luxembourg

Over 100 creative and ambitious women apply to take part in the project each year which is the only English-language project of its kind in Luxembourg. To provide the optimal learning experience, the LPCC selects up to 30 participants for each edition. Between 3-7 new businesses are launched in Luxembourg each year as a direct or indirect result of the project.
With the support from the Luxembourg government and private sponsors, the LPCC is able to offer the 50 hours training with circa 12 professional trainers at a symbolic price of €195 for non-members and €150 for LPCC members. To apply, see see The Ireland-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce is also supporting this unique initiative.