Désinfection cryo 3D; Credit: BSI Cleaning

Luxembourg startup BSI Cleaning, which is based in Technoport Foetz, has announcing that it is now offing an innovative process for three-dimensional disinfection against coronaviruses.

According to the industrial cleaning specialist, "Désinfection cryo 3D" works safely, quickly and cost-effectively in rooms, vehicles and around complex objects. As demonstrated in cooperation with the Laboratoire Luxembourgeois de Contrôle Sanitaire, SARS-CoV2 viruses are reliably rendered harmless, as are other viruses, bacteria and fungi. 

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, several studies have shown that viruses can persist on certain surfaces for up to 72 hours, suggesting that such surfaces as well as aerosols in rooms could be a contamination vector. Increased cleaning and disinfection is therefore extremely important for businesses and administrations to limit the spread of COVID-19.  

Simon Tritz, Managing Director of BSI Cleaning, explained: "With 'Désinfection cryo 3D' we can offer reliable disinfection of room volumes and objects inside in the shortest possible time, thus helping to contain the current pandemic". comments

The patented system uses the evaporation of CO2 to distribute disinfecting agents evenly throughout a room, even to inaccessible places and the smallest corners of filigree objects. People do not come into contact with possibly contaminated zones. Only a minimum of personnel is required to start and stop the disinfection process, which then runs automatically.

The process is also environmentally friendly, residue-free and abrasion-free. Even electrical equipment and other sensitive surfaces remain dry and can be used again directly after a few minutes.

"It only takes a minute to disinfect the entire interior of a car, for example," continued Simon Tritz. "For a bus or wagon, it takes correspondingly longer, and a few minutes are enough for a classroom or waiting room, for example". This would mean significant time savings compared to conventional disinfection methods.

Appointments for a demonstration can be made and pictures and videos of the patented solution can be found on https://bsicleaning.com.