On Monday 30 December 2019, a new investment research platform, Valuu.io, was launched and is now available to individual investors internationally; it will enable self-directed investors to identify specific companies listed on the stock exchanges around the globe.

Since interest rates are continuing to be at an all-time low, many people are looking for a way to invest their savings. Over many decades the stock market has proven to deliver attractive returns, especially when investing with a long-term horizon. Nevertheless, for individual investors, it is still quite challenging to build a portfolio of different stocks that minimises risk and volatility, while providing above-average returns.

Valuu.io provides a clear and unbiased view on more than 45,000 stock-listed companies. The website applyies complex algorithms that aggregate more than 370,000 data points each day from various sources and combines them in brief company reviews. These reviews include information regarding Business Model, Valuation, Sustainability and other factors that help investors to validate their investment ideas and strategy. Investors can also make use of this data through interactive and adaptive tools such as a Stock Screener, Watchlists, Company Reviews, Financial Health Checks and other useful insights.

After testing our service in a beta phase with a group of early users, we are happy that we can now unveil our new website that includes feedback that we have received in the past few months. We will continue to work closely with our users to add even more functionality in the next months”, said Martin Migge, CEO of Valuu Analytics, the company behind Valuu.io.

As of today, the free and premium subscription plans are available on https://valuu.io, where individual investors can try out all features without any long-term commitment.

About Valuu.io

Valuu.io is a research and data aggregation platform operated by Valuu Analytics Sàrl, a Luxembourg-based startup that helps individual investors to find key information they can use to build a self-directed investment strategy. The company was founded in May 2019. Valuu.io is a member of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT).