On 17 April 2019, the European Commission agreed to the sale of the ArcelorMittal steel plants concerned by the EU Merger Regulation, including the Dudelange site.

As a result of this decision, the Commission has approved the Liberty House Group's acquisition of the European sites of Dudelange, Galati, Ostrava, Piombino, Skopje, and Liège.

The LCGB, the majority union at the Dudelange production site, immediately contacted the management to arrange an interview to clarify the outcome. The LCGB has stated that it will use this meeting to reiterate its position as well as its requirements regarding the industrial and social aspects. Over the past year, various European and national trade union organisations, including the LCGB for Luxembourg, has allowed many advances.

However, the LCGB has claimed that it is not and will not be reassured until the industrial project is clarified and there are concrete figures. The trade union believes that the guarantees and commitments announced by Liberty House regarding the social agreements on the different levels should now be the subject of a concrete agreement. It has also recalled that this new player is part of the iron and steel perimeter of current and future agreements, which will be negotiated in the interest of the sustainability of national jobs.

The LCGB has also reminded ArcelorMittal of its ongoing responsibility in this transition period for temporary jobs and their future within the Dudelange site, as agreed at numerous social partner meetings with Liberty House and ArcelorMittal.