Directed by Nick Broomfield (My Father and Me (2019); Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love (2019); Soldier Girls (1981); Kurt and Courtney (1998)), starring Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts and many more.

Documentary; 93 mins; 12+

A mesmerising and insightful delve back into the 1960s when Brian Jones formed The Rolling Stones who were to become one of the biggest names in music.

It examines his character and personality through what is described as "candid interviews and previously unreleased archive", from his troubled teens and non-conformity concerning his relationship with his parents and how his goals differed so greatly than their hopes for their son.

Many people may not have heard of Brian Jones and, even for those they have, they most likely do not know about the person behind the name. It was his vision and musical genius that brought the band together and started to forge their way in the industry through performing blues, influenced by the likes of Bo Diddley and others.

Brian Jones' insecurities and his personal relationships, plus the copious amounts of alcohol and (later) drugs he consumed, are charted in vivid detail, in parallel with the changes in dynamics in the band as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards started to write more and more, and exploring a different musical direction that Brian Jones was following.

Brian Jones' creativity and innovation were the secrets of the band's early success which saw them perform in the US and Australia where, together with the UK, the band was mobbed when performing live on stage with security having a really difficult job keeping the musicians safe.

The sequence of events is followed chronologically with insightful interviews and a wonderful soundtrack which includes songs such as "Paint it Black" and "Satisfaction", with the stories behind the songs helping to navigate the difficult journey on which he was travelling.

The film's avant-première was screened on 13 May 2024 and will go on general release shortly at Ciné Utopia.