Credit: Film Fund Luxembourg

Film Fund Luxembourg has announced that it is launching a call for video game prototyping projects.

In order to culturally support the gaming sector, "an industry that influences the world of tomorrow", Film Fund Luxembourg is launching a call for projects for the prototyping of video games in the Grand Duchy. This will also make it possible to develop the intellectual properties of video games initiated in Luxembourg.

This forms part of the film fund's mission of "encouraging cinematographic and audiovisual creation and promoting the development of the audiovisual production sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in particular through grants, financial aid, subsidies, scholarships and awards".

The call for projects concerns video games in the prototyping phase only (i.e. research and development) intended for offline or online marketing. The video game must be designed as an original work of creative and technical talent with an anchor in Luxembourg culture. This involves meeting certain criteria (as detailed in the relevant document - see link below). The application can be presented in French, English, German or Luxembourgish, and must contain certain documents (detailed in the document linked below).

The amount of financial aid (i.e. a non-repayable subsidy) is a maximum of €45,000 per project.

Applications must be submitted electronically (by 8 March 2024) via email:

Further details, including the criteria, are available here.