Greenworlder, the Luxembourg-based start-up with the ambition to drive a paradigm shift in social media, chooses KlimaExpo, which will take place on 9 to 11 of October at LuxExpo The Box, to present its platform for its first future users and partners.

What is Greenworlder?

Greenworlder is a responsible social media platform aiming to connect users, businesses, content providers and good causes to enable the co-creation of solutions. Users can also support associations or NGOs through their purchases and other activities. Greenworlder therefore offers an ideal setting for anyone who wants to use a fun and protected social network, as well as any company, organisation or content provider who shares an interest in integrity, sustainability and knowledge.

In addition, Greenworlder does everything possible to ensure the protection of user data and the reliability of information sources. The users own and control their data, the information comes from high quality sources and the green and sustainable nature of the companies on the platform is regularly monitored in order to avoid "greenwashing". Regular external audits ensure that these commitments are respected.

A 180 degree turn

The idea for Greenworlder came to me in 2018, while on a business trip to a big city heavily affected by pollution. The 'Cambridge Analytica' scandal was front page news, and the world was realising the power of social media. It was there that I realised how much the protection of the environment and the protection of social media users are linked! With Greenworlder, we want to engage our users for a fairer, greener and more sustainable future”, explained Peter Bartholin, founder of Greenworlder. He continued “The choice to base the company in Luxembourg was deliberate. We are in the heart of Europe and have strict legal standards upholding the integrity of user data. We also have an international and friendly environment for start-ups and a strong sustainability agenda".

A launch as part of the 1st national exhibition dedicated to the climate cause Greenworlder has chosen KlimaExpo to invite its first users and partners to test the first version of its platform. The event will mark a soft launch for the platform, with Luxembourg as first prioritised market and springboard to the rest of the world.

This is the beginning of a long and ambitious journey to drive user-centric industry change and establish a large Luxembourg-based company, thus proving that doing business and doing the right thing are not mutually exclusive.” said Urban Gillström, CEO, who recently moved to Luxembourg to lead the company’s market entry.

It has become evident that we need a paradigm shift in social media, and after having spent many hours with the Greenworlder team, I strongly believe this is the company that will ignite that shift” said Dr. Gérard Schockmel, virologist, who cares deeply about user data protection and sustainable development.

You can find more information on the website

Who is behind Greenworlder?

The Founding team consists of Peter Bartholin, William Ahlefeldt, Xavier Roth le Gentil, Urban Gillström (CEO) and Helena Nordström (CMO). They are supported by the development team Sename Ayassou and Kavita Mishra, as well as a growing team of high-profile expert advisors. From sustainability and tech platform start-ups to large global companies and diplomacy, the team at Greenworlder have spent years driving successful enterprises, advising entrepreneurs and building in-depth knowledge in legal frameworks. Their combined backgrounds bring deep insights into Greenworlder’s core pillars Integrity, Sustainability and Knowledge. Today, they 
want to build a new success story in Luxembourg.