10th anniversary (L-R): Tom Eischen, President myenergy; Carole Dieschbourg, Minister of the Environment; M. Turmes, Secretary of State MDDI; M. Théato, Director myenergy.; Credit: © myenergy / Studion Photography

On Wednesday 17 October 2018, myenergy celebrated its tenth anniversary in the presence of Luxembourg's Minister of the Environment, Carole Dieschbourg, the Secretary of State for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Claude Turmes, and its partners and collaborators.
For 10 years, myenergy, the national structure for the promotion of a sustainable energy transition, has been offering its services to individuals, companies, municipalities and experts in the field of energy and construction. myenergy aims to encourage Luxembourg society as a whole to reduce and green its energy consumption, as well as to promote sustainability as part of its missions.

myenergy was created as a Groupement d'Intérêt Economique (G.I.E.) in 2008 to meet the information needs of people and structures consuming energy on the themes of energy efficiency and renewable energies. Over the years, topics such as sustainable construction have been integrated.

More recently, myenergy has evolved in the diversification of its themes and approaches. The group has also expanded its collaboration with a wide range of public, private and civil society actors and has deep roots in its role as a reference partner and facilitator. Thus, myenergy recently launched the theme of sustainable mobility, contributed to the integration of the circular economy in the Climate Pact and supports the professional sectors in the implementation of the energy transition.

At Wednesday's event, Tom Eischen, Chairman of myenergy, opened the evening by mentioning the myenergy business model, base on transition. He highlighted four main axes of the transition: "the energy transition, the transition of efficiency, that of the resources and finally that of the mobility", axes which constituted already reference elements in the past and which will be the basis of the future development of the myenergy structure.

Minister Carole Dieschbourg emphasised "the inevitability of changing the way we think and act in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable resources in order to meet the challenges facing us to ensure the protection of the environment". She also congratulated the integration of two new partners in the G.I.E. from myenergy, the Chamber of Trades and the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers (OAI), partners who accompany myenergy in "the challenges that must be met in collaboration with the actors on the ground". Minister Dieschbourg returned to broadening the themes of the Climate Pact, i.e. air quality and the circular economy, as well as the integration of electromobility in myenergy's areas of expertise.

Secretary of State Claude Turmes continued on the theme of the energy transition by highlighting the evolution of mobility. He emphasised the role of national policy actors in making users want to, in turn, change their behaviour.

Gilbert Théato, Director of myenergy, drew attention to the hard work of myenergy employees over the last 10 years. He commented on the importance of educating, accompanying and clearly explaining the various themes related to energy efficiency and sustainable construction to Luxembourg society. He went on to say that the myenergy team has become more diversified, from the point of view of the topics covered, as well as the diversity of professions within myenergy. It has placed employees at the center of myenergy's development and consolidated partnerships every day in the field.

The evening ended with the appearance of the traditional anniversary cake that brought together myenergy's collaborators and partners.