Living in the EU Guide; Credit: UK Government

The British Embassy in Luxembourg has announced details of the UK Government's new information campaign urging British nationals residing in the Grand Duchy to "get ready for Brexit" on 31 October 2019.

The campaign, launched on Monday, forms part of a wider communications campaign effort across Europe. It will use channels such as Facebook to urge people to take action ahead of 31 October. 

As part of this campaign, UK nationals in Luxembourg will receive information about specific actions they need to take to keep their rights and access to services in Luxembourg, including those concerning residency, healthcare, driving licences and passports.

The British Embassy in Luxembourg has already organised several events over the past months to inform UK nationals, including Citizens' Rights outreach events with Q&A sessions with the British Ambassador and Consular experts. The next event will be held on Monday 21 October 2019.

John Marshall, British Ambassador to Luxembourg, said: "Protecting the rights of UK nationals is an absolute priority as we leave the European Union". He added: "I'd urge UK nationals to visit our Facebook page and Living in Guide for Luxembourg where they can find out about the steps they need to take and get specific information about residency, healthcare, passports and driving permits in Luxembourg".

Indeed, the EU is home to over one million UK nationals, with more than 60% living in just four countries: Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The UK Government recently announced up to £3 million in grant funding for charities and other voluntary organisations who can inform UK nationals about the need to register or apply for residency and to support them as they complete their applications.

The Government also allocated an extra £300,000 to British Embassies and Consulates across the EU to engage with "hard to reach" UK nationals such as disabled people, those living in remote areas or people who might need extra help to complete any paperwork in preparation for Brexit. This extra assistance will build on the support that British Embassies are already providing with more than 541 outreach events with UK nationals since November 2017.

The new information campaign asks UK nationals to take action to prepare for Brexit by checking the Living in Luxembourg Guide at, as well as applying for residency, registering for healthcare, exchanging their UK driving licence for a Luxembourgish one and checking their passport is valid for travel.