The Luxembourg Tech School a.s.b.l. (LTS) has launched the initiative “Learning to Work: my 1st Job Experience in Tech”, with help from a grant from State Street Foundation.

Three years ago, a group of four passionate industry tech leaders created the LTS to train "Future Digital Leaders". This unique educational activity, designed for high school students, includes a variety of digital and soft skills needed to tackle the rapidly changing future. 

The whole concept was backed from the start by Digital Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Ministry of Education with the vision of teaching in a way that enables students to face modern challenges with open minded creativity, problem solving and teamwork skills. Starting with 30 students from three schools, the LTS now gathers 120 students from seven schools, thus showing the success of the idea among young people. 

Recently, the LTS won its first private grant from State Street Foundation. This new programme, entitled “Learning to Work: my 1st Job Experience in Tech”, aims to close the loop between learning and working life. Students will create their own projects with an element of social impact and/or sustainability. These projects will be overseen by an LTS coach as their "line manager" and delivered to the market.  In total, each participant student will accrue 100-200 hours of paid work experience, carried out during the academic year or holiday periods, to fit in with their busy lives.  

In keeping with the ethos of LTS, this project-based methodology will allow students to work in small teams on their own ideas, learning any necessary tech theory along the way and focusing on delivering final products. Given the focus on social impact and sustainability they are immediately entering the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, thus increasing their employability.