Peer Gynt; Credit: © Konstantin Arazdurdyev

After the performances of Don Juan in October 2022, Luxembourg Ballet, led by choreographer Volha Kastsel, will present another new ballet creation on the Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck (CAPE) stage from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 April 2024.

The premiere will take place as a school performance on Friday 19 April at 10:00. The first public performances will take place on Saturday 20 April at 20:00 and Sunday 21 April at 18:00.

This time, the Luxembourg Ballet company has turned its attention to the timeless drama Peer Gynt, one of Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen's most widely known and performed works. Mixing fantasy and mythology, the work delves into the life of a man suffering an identity crisis. Peer Gynt, a compulsive con artist in search of recognition and fame, constantly slips into new roles. In his megalomania, he becomes prince of trolls, influential merchant and prophet, before ending up in an asylum. He finally finds redemption by reconnecting with his childhood sweetheart, Solveig.

As reported by Luxembourg Ballet, choreographer Volha Kastsel sets out in search of today's Peer Gynt, in a time marked by upheavals in the face of which people readily turn to saviour figures. However, she does not find him through a new hero with a solution to everything but rather recognises him in the allegorical image of the asylum, which appears like a prophecy in a world haunted by selfishness and where affection becomes a rare and valuable resource.

The performance lasts approximately 60 minutes. Tickets cost €31 (€15.50 for under-26s / €1.50 with Kulturpass) and can be reserved from CAPE via tel.: 2681-2681, email: or online: