Credit: Luxembourg Scottish Country Dance Club

In the latest in a series of articles about sports clubs in Luxembourg, had the opportunity to speak with Ian Drummond, Chairman of the Luxembourg Scottish Country Dance Club.

The focus of this series is on sports which are less often covered in the news, yet have strong links with the international community in the Grand Duchy. Some are already well-established; others are relatively new. Why and when was your sports club established?

Ian Drummond: The Luxembourg Scottish Country Dance Club was formed around the time in 1973 when the United Kingdom joined the European Community. Scottish country dancing forms an important aspect of British cultural life. What are some of the links your club has with the international community in Luxembourg?

Ian Drummond: The club is a member of the Cercle Culturel of the European Community in Luxembourg and, as such, has good access to the international community. What activities does your club offer and who is your main target audience or age group? Do you offer different levels for beginners and experienced athletes?

Ian Drummond: The club offers a weekly dance programme during the school year, with separate sections for training beginners and less experienced dancers, and a section for the more experienced dancers. What are your club's main goals and objectives, both in terms of sports and community involvement?

Ian Drummond: The club's main goal is of course the promotion of Scottish dancing. There are two balls arranged per year and the club also offers exhibition dances for other events. How has this sport grown in Luxembourg over the years?

Ian Drummond: The club has suffered a temporary decline in members as a result of the [COVID-19] pandemic when weekly dances had to be curtailed, but a new push to attract newcomers is underway. What are some of the benefits of playing this particular sport?

Ian Drummond: The benefits of Scottish dancing, aside from the lively movements, lie also in the social interaction with participants. What events, tournaments or competitions is your club participating in or hosting in the new year?

Ian Drummond: As mentioned earlier, the club organises two balls in the year and many club members also visit club balls in Brussels and the Netherlands. How can someone interested in joining your club become a member? Are there any membership fees or other requirements?

Ian Drummond: Newcomers to the club are encouraged to become members after "tasting" the experience of Scottish dancing. Membership costs €27.50 or €30 per year.