Lovefool; Credit: (c) Véronique Kolber

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg has confirmed that four Luxembourg-based dance and theatre productions will participate in this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival that is taking place from 2- 28 August in Scotland.

This will be the first time that such dance and theatre productions from the Grand Duchy will participate in the renowned international festival. The productions entitled "Stark Bollock Naked" by Larisa Faber and "Shoot the Cameraman" by AWA – As We Are. 

In addition, two other Luxembourg productions will also be presented: "Lovefool" by Gintare Parulyte and "This is a scam" by Sølve Sundsbø and Anne Klein.

- Stark Bollock Naked: Larisa Faber questions motherhood in her play. An international smash hit about our reproductive shelf life and what (not) to do with those (ageing) eggs. Featuring stunning video mapping, comedy-infused storytelling and a live score of gynaecological instruments, this is a multimedia show with a real naked body and an honest conversation about reproduction, abortion and the biological clock presented from, 2 to 28 August at 15:10 (excluding Tuesdays) at The Assembly. Game ovaries.

- Shoot the Cameraman: In Shoot the Cameraman, AWA – As We Are blend the instinctive and spontaneous quality of live performance with the possibilities of the seventh art by joining camera operators with live dancers on stage. The audience will thus be offered a permanent double reading of the piece and have the opportunity to simultaneously attend a live performance on stage and on screen. By forcing the audience to choose where to focus their attention, AWA – As We Are challenges them and plays with perspectives. If what we see with our own eyes seems unfalsifiable, it quickly becomes clear that the framing of a shot can be a matter of pure manipulation. Shoot the Cameraman questions the omnipresence of the image in our lives and ingeniously sharpens the critical gaze of the audience. An essential production to discover in the age of fake news from 02 to 28 August at 15:00 (excluding Wednesdays) at The Assembly Roxy Central.

- Lovefool: performed from 2 to 27 August at 19:15 in Summerhall 

- This is a scam: from 21 to 26 August à 11:50 at The Space