Credit: Theater Federatioun

An adaptation of Morton Rhue's "The Wave" will kick of at Cube 521, Clervaux on Friday 11 February 2022 at 20:00.

The adaptation - first time performed on stage in English - although true to the original story wishes to show that fascism is an evil which can and does raise its ugly head anywhere in the world.

Based on a true story in an American high school in 1969 in which a teacher through an experiment attempted to demonstrate firsthand to the pupils how the Institution of fascism became so popular in the III-Reich, the setting of the adaptation will be similar - a typical American high school of the late 1960´s.

Replete with music of the period in which naïve, innocent pupils, most unable at first glance to pinpoint either Europe let alone Germany on a map, have their day in class. With the introduction of "The Wave" the story takes a sharp turn in another direction and suddenly becomes very serious.

The play will be directed by Paul Stebbings, TNT Theatre who has along with Phil Smith written the stage play.

Paul Stebbings has directed and scripted more than 100 productions ranging from classic novels to numerous Shakespeares.

Musical Director John Kenney, professor at two English universities (Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Guildhall School of Music) is a world renowned trombonist, educator and performer.

The play lasts approximately 90 minutes without an intermission.

Tickets cost €25 for adults, €20 for group reservations or €12 for young people. For further information and ticketing