The Ville de Luxembourg has announced that it will host a city-centre bicycle event open to everyone on Wednesday 12 July 2017, during the evening.

As part of its policy of soft mobility and, in particular, the promotion of the use of bicycles, the second edition of the "promenade à vélo" will consist of a 10 km course suitable for both small and large cyclists to discover the city and the main roads in a different way.

The start of this group hike will be at 19:30 from the Place Guillaume II. Throughout the ride, cyclists will be supervised by the Grand-Ducal Police with the Rules of the Road being respected throughout the circuit.

This bicycle ride is a convivial and informal event for the whole family through which the City of Luxembourg wishes to promote soft mobility in urban areas, to position the bike as an alternative and efficient mode of transport.

Practical arrangements:

• Free participation

• No age limit

• Registration not required

• Bicycle required