Credit: Curling Luxembourg

Curling Luxembourg has announced that it is sending two teams to the fourth Benelux Championship, which is taking place on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2023.

The curling season in Luxembourg began on 10 September 2023 with training at the Kockelscheuer Ice Rink. The upcoming Benelux Championship is the first major competition of the new season.

Curling Luxembourg will send two teams to the Benelux Championship, where Luxembourg has to defend its second place from last year's edition. The 2022 competition was held in Luxembourg and it is taking place this year in Zemst in Belgium; next year, the Netherlands will host the championship.

The two Luxembourg teams (all players from Curling Club Lëtzebuerg) selected by the Luxembourg Curling Union are as follows:

- Lëtzebuerg 1: Alex Benoy, Dan Kelly, Marco Etienne and Philippe Giltaire;

- Lëtzebuerg 2: Virginie Hansen, Shiori Kuboki, Carole Remesch and Daniel Schweich.

The country with the most points after all the games (sixteen games in total for each country) wins the Benelux Cup. If equal, two players from each country play a drawshot to determine the final winner.