Competing teams; Credit: Curling Luxembourg

Curling Luxembourg has announced this year's winners of the traditional 4 Neighbour Nations Curling Clubs Cup, held over the weekend at the Kockelscheuer: Curling Club Zemst, first time participants from Belgium. 

After a round robin (all play all), the results were as following: four victories and eight points for Zemst (Belgium); four victories and eight points for Luxembourg 2; two victories, one draw and five points for Viry (Paris, France); two victories and four points for Erfurt (Germany); one victory and one draw for Montréal (Canada); one victory and two points for Luxembourg 1.

The gold and bronze finals finished with the following results: Zemst vs. Luxembourg 2 (with Alex Benoy, Mike Isenor, Philippe Giltaire and Met Goerens/Volker Beba) ended: 5-2; Erfurt vs. Viry: 6-3.

Consequently, Zemst won the competition, Luxembourg 2 was runner-up and Erfurt took the bronze medal. A dozen spectators gathered to support the teams.