2018 winning team, LETZCURL FIRST (L-R): Dan Kelly; Candice Richards; Claude Schweitzer; Alex Benoy; Credit: Curling Club Lëtzebuerg

From Friday 22 to Sunday 24 March 2019, the Curling Club Lëtzebuerg will hold its 44th Coupe de l'Amitié at the ice rink in Kockelscheuer.

Participating in this friendly competition will be twelve teams with participants from ten different countries, all fighting for the coveted trophy and trying to take over from the 2018 winners, LETZCURL FIRST  (Luxembourg).

Luxembourg will once again be represented in the cup by LETZCURL FIRST (Dan Kelly, Claude Schweitzer, Alex Benoy, Candice Richards), the LETZ WOman (Karen Wauters, Marc Husi, Virginie Hansen, Susi Benoy) and THE OTHER LETZ GUYS (Volker Beba, Marco Etienne, Barry Foulds, Philippe Giltaire, Mett Goerens, Mike Isenor).

In addition, this year's cup will be the first time that a wheelchair team (Friesland, Netherlands) plays a curling match in Luxembourg. 

Admission for spectators is free and the VIP grandstand with a good view of the two playing fields will be permanently open.

The final will take place on Sunday from 13:30 to 15:30.