Jhemp Hoscheit; Credit: Heiko Riemannb - Copyright Binsfeld

Luxembourg writer Jhemp Hoscheit will be discussing his new book "Wootle War" on his experience during the Cold War at the Centre National de Littérature (CNL) on Wednesday 21 November 2018 at 19:30.

The year was 1965, at the time of the Cold War, danger on every corner. A girl is in her neighborhood looking for Roude Jojo, a person who represents danger for a little girl. A teacher has plotted for a secret order of bad conscience. A mother deals with nonsense, whilst a secret agent listens to phone conversations...

Jhemp Hoscheit combines his own experience of Esch during the Cold War with elements of fiction into a complex story reflecting those times of political tensions. Born in 1951, Hocheit is the father of two children and has published over 25 books. These include a trilogy of novels composed of "Eight Days a Week" (2006), "Wootle War" (2018) and "Perl or Pica" (Editions Schortgen, 1998), which ends with this new publication. The first volume of the trilogy was rewarded by the Luxembourg Booklet in 2006 and the third by the 1999 Servais Prize.