On Saturday 15 August, the religious holiday of Assumption, most shops and many restaurants and cafés were closed across Luxembourg; 15 August is also Independence Day in India and in Luxembourg the Indian Association of Luxembourg (IAL) and the Optimists Cricket Club (OCC) traditonally play a game of cricket at the sports ground in Walferdange, with today being no different.

The two sides play for the Lagaan Cup, with many juniors and female players, in particular, participating this year in a second match that was played before the main match. In addition, food and drinks were supplied by the on-site bar and barbecue, also with Indian snacks and curries being served, with other supporters also bringing their picnics and the warm but overcast day.

Last year the match was rained off without a ball being bowled; in 2013, the IAL won by scoring 188 for 8 of 28.3 overs, after the Optimists had scored 184 for 4 wickets off 30 overs.

This year, the IAL were all out for 121 in a 30-overs-aside contest, with the Optimists fallign short by 32 runs.

Before the main game, the Optimists Maidens played a 15-overs game against the Indian Association Juniors. The Optimists Madens batted first and scored 127 for 3 in their allocated 15 overs; the Indian Association Juniors fell short of the total by 39 runs, scoring 88 for 5 in their 15 overs.
For the main game, the Optimists won the toss put the Indian Association in to bat.
IAL Innings: 187 for 6 in 30 overs

Niraj Trivedi -  42
Shiva Kumar - 1
Murali Ravichandran - 3
Harpal  S Vardee -  22
Pranjul Shah  -  47
Saransh Kulsherestha - 16
Bichitrnanda Sahoo - 28
Raju Sati -  5
Optimists Innings: 155 for 7 in 30 overs
Robert Deed - 3
Praveen -  12
Shrikant -  15
Malcolm - 12
Ananth - 49
Wayne Codd - 0
Manik Shah -  8
Anand Pandey - 20
Rob Hand -  0
The Indian Association Luxembourg won by 32 runs.
Photos by Geoff Thompson