On Monday 26 February 2024, Luxembourg's Ministry of Housing and Regional Planning announced details of a new online platform to information relating to the acquisition of VEFA housing.

VEFA (en vente en l'état futur d'achèvement / for sale in the future state of completion) housing information is available online at www.vefa-logement.lu
Through a package of measures to revive the housing market, the government has decided to continue its programme for the acquisition of VEFA projects in order to support the construction sector which is currently finding itself in economic difficulty.

To website aims to facilitate access to information relating to the acquisition conditions of these projects.

Entities interested in selling a VEFA housing project to the state will find all the useful information there, including the specifications on the basis of which the files are analysed by the ministry's services.

Interested entities can also contact ministry employees directly via email: land@ml.etat.lu.