CELL – the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg has announced that its biannual festival "Transition Days Luxembourg" will be taking place again this year, from 11-13 June 2021, at Carré cultural centre in Luxembourg-Hollerich.

After the nine-month run of Transition Days 2020, a series of virtual events that looked at how we can move towards a more resilient, just and responsible society, the upcoming weekend-long festival will look at what we have learned and give participants a chance to learn more about the topics in person. 

Centred around the theme "Open House: How can we live together in a one planet world", this edition of Transition Days features presentations, group discussions and workshops, as well as a film screening and a concert. Participants will also have the chance to meet new people, share ideas and help shape future projects.

Marine Henry, Coordinator of Transition Days, commented: "The biannual Transition Days festival will bring Luxembourg's Transition initiatives together in one place. Attendees can expect to discover new and unexpected ideas, see new synergies created, and even feel inspired to get involved in local initiatives”.

The festival will kick-off on the evening of Friday 11 June 2021 with an introduction to the Transition movement in Luxembourg by Delphine Delthier, Co-coordinator of CELL, followed by “À nos choix,” a theatrical conference by Belgian artists Olivier Vermeulen and Thomas Prédour which looks at the concept of free will and personal choices.

On the programme for Saturday 12 June 2021 is a film screening and discussion of the Luxembourg-produced film "Eng Äerd" (One Earth), which shines a spotlight on initiatives across Luxembourg that are working to create a more sustainable, socially just and resilient society. To round off the evening, local indie pop-rock band Seed to Tree will play an open-air concert.

Finally, the afternoon of Sunday 13 June 2021 will feature “Play!”, a participatory performance and piece of artistic research by artists Ada Mukhina, Natasha Borenko and Lisa Siomicheva which explores children’s games from different cultures, generations and in different languages.

Throughout the weekend, participants will have the opportunity to take part in crash courses and co-creative workshops on topics ranging from vermicompost to the Climate Pact. There will also be a Gratiferia, a space where unwanted items such as books, toys or clothes can be left for others to take home, and a reading zone organised in partnership with the Centre d'Information Tiers Monde (CITIM) and the CID | Fraen an Gender.

The full Transition Days 2021 programme is available at: www.transitiondays.lu/festival-2021.